It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving ~ Happy Holidays

Manifest Maquette

We have partnered with one of our favorite woman owned businesses for the holidays. 

Manifest Maquettes are hand poured, unscented, all natural soy candles. 

A message from Emily:

By pure definition, to ‘manifest’ something means to visualize your desire and harness the power of your imagination, to make it a reality. It’s the power within you coming to life. There are no limits or rules as to what you can manifest into existence. In the French language, ‘maquette’ means a scale model or rough draft of an unfinished sculpture.

My goal is that within the maquette, you will find who you wish to be, who you aspire to be, who you WILL become. Let this maquette be a representation, a physical talisman, and a reminder of the potential for your future self. Whether you light the candle to pray, meditate, take time for yourself – or use the candle as a reminder to sit, breathe, think, journal about your goals and dreams, the sole purpose is to benefit and serve YOU.

I am here to encourage and inspire YOU to use this maquette (aka ‘rough draft’) to manifest yourself and your life into the 'final sculpture', the M A S T E R P I E C E, that you share with the world every day. 

**Please note that the maquette is not flawless. Although I create her with love, care, and attention, the candle emerges with imperfections, but isn’t that the purest definition of beauty? I choose to speak those same words of affirmation over you – you may have been bumped, bruised, through the worst of the worst, but you are still wonderful and LOVED.**